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Frequently asked questions about AI Listing Optimizer

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What types of copy and content are supported at launch?

For our initial launch, we are offering Product Title Optimization. We will expand our offerings to other parts of Amazon Listings (bullet points, description, hidden keywords) in the future. Let us know if you want to see a particular feature sooner at

How does Stoke’s title-scoring algorithm work?

Our title-scoring algorithm compares how your current title performs based on your latest Search Query Performance data (updated weekly). The more SQP keywords you are able to fit in without hitting the character limit, the better you’ll score as your listing will be discoverable on more searches which will in turn drive discoverability and sales.

Why is the Generate button disabled?

For our initial launch, our AI will add keywords to your title until you reach the 200-character limit. However, if you are already at or close to the 200-character limit, we do not remove words from your titles to add new ones. This is a feature that we’ll support in the future.

How does Stoke pick keywords to include?

Selecting the right keyword for your product can be challenging. At Stoke, we leverage our proprietary algorithm to identify the best-performing keywords for your listing based on SQP data. Our keywords must be above a certain search volume (5% of the search volume of your top performing product) and must outperform the rest of the market for both CTR and CVR.

What does the score mean for new titles generated?

The new title score represents how newly generated titles compare to the original titles from a keywords perspective only. Users are able to update the titles according to their own style guidelines by clicking the “edit” button. A 10/10 score implies that the generated title was able to incorporate every keyword from the “Terms to Include” box.

What if I want to exclude certain keywords?

You can use the “Terms to be excluded” box to exclude certain keywords from our generated titles. For example, if you want to exclude the word “Competitor Name,” you can type it here.

How do I remove a word from a text box?

Click on the little “X” found on the right-hand side of each word/phrase within a text box.

Why do I see multiple products with the same title?

Stoke pulls SQP data at the ASIN level. It is possible that two different ASINs might have the same title, but different SQP reports and keyword suggestions. We’re working on completely excluding inactive ASINs in the future.

How does Stoke determine the expected CTR lift from adding new keywords to an existing product listing?

To determine the net expected lift from using our suggested keywords, our algorithm leverages SQP data to determine the maximum possible lift for each key word and then sums the maximum CTR potential for each keyword that is included.

For example, if Stoke suggests adding the words “Dog - CTR 14%” and “Cat - CTR 17%” then, you can expect a potential 31% CTR increase if it contains both Dog and Cat.

Why does my parent ASIN not show up in Listing Optimizer?

In Listing Optimizer, we only show ASINs that have at least 3 clicks over the most recent week. If your ASIN is not showing up, it’s possible that it had fewer than 3 clicks in the most recent week. If that’s not the case, please reach out to us for further assistance.

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