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Setting up Pages on your Online Store

How to set up the Pages section on your online Store.

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Your Storefront (website) consists of many Pages. Some of these will already be available to you to edit as you wish such as your Homepage and Booking form. You then have the option to create more yourself.

How pages work

You'll find Pages within your Storefront section in the sidebar. Here you will see a list of the pages that have been created so far.

Store pages

The top section is for Store Pages. These are core pages of your website which cannot be deleted and includes your Home page and any forms. Select a page to edit it. For full details on how to edit your Home page visit this guide.

Content pages

Content pages are long-form content pages where you can freely add text, images and more. You'll find some of these are already created for you and ready to be edited such as Terms and Privacy. In addition, you can create your own.

Creating your own content pages

Press Add a Page to the top right of the Content pages section to start adding a new page. You'll then be asked to complete the following:

Page name/title

Give the page a name which is also used as the page title.

Page URL

This is the text used to form the link to your page on your website. Usually, this is just the page name, but you can make it whatever you wish if you have a different SEO purpose to serve.

Please note it must be in all lower case using dashes to separate each word. For example "about-us"

Page content

Finally, there is a freeform text area where you can add any content to the page. You can use the toolbar here to add titles, links, images and more to your content. There are no limits to how much content you can add.

Don't forget to link your custom pages

Any page you create yourself will not automatically be linked anywhere on the website. You must create your own links in your Header or Footer Navigation or in other freeform text sections of your website to ensure your visitors can find your page.

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