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How to integrate with Nōke
How to integrate with Nōke

Give your customers automated access with the Noke Smart Entry App.

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Each of your sites in Stora can have a unique customer access system. Nōke is a provider you can integrate with Stora to give customers access via the Nōke Smart Entry App.

How it works

When you use Nōke Smart Entry, customers will be invited to download the app and use it to gain access to a unit you allocate to them in Stora.

When they move out and you unallocate them from their unit, they will no longer have access to your facility or their unit.

How to connect Nōke to Stora

In order for our system to connect with Nōke, you'll need to create a unique ID for the Site using Nōke, and unique IDs for each of its Units. You will enter these in Stora and provide them to your Nōke contact. Learn how to create Nōke IDs here.

Connect a Site to Nōke

  1. Visit the Sites page and press the edit button for the relevant Site.

  2. Scroll down to the Customer Access section and select Nōke from the dropdown menu.

  3. A field for External Site ID will appear. Enter your Site ID and save the page. Your Site ID can be anything however we recommend a standardised system. You can learn how to create a Site ID here.

  4. Optionally you can turn on auto-overlocking when a customer payment fails from here too. Learn more about auto-locking here.

How to connect your Units to Nōke

  1. If you have already created your Units, visit your Site and select the Units tab, then press Edit next to each Unit. If you're setting them up for the first time visit your Site and select Setup Units at the top right.

  2. You'll be asked to enter a Nōke ID for each Unit and then save your changes. You must enter an ID for all Units otherwise you may encounter errors. Learn how to create Unit IDs.

Provide IDs to Nōke

You must provide all of your IDs to your Nōke contact for them to be added to their system.

Once you have added all the Nōke IDs to Stora and Nōke has added them on their side, contact us to do the first sync between the two systems.

Syncing Stora to Nōke

The first sync of units between the two systems will be done by Stora. Following that each time you allocate or deallocate a unit, Stora and Noke will sync automatically.

Testing Nōke set up

We recommend placing a test booking from the storefront and testing the Nōke experience from a customer's perspective to ensure everything is working as expected.

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