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How to create Nōke IDs
How to create Nōke IDs

Learn how to create your own Nōke site ID and unit IDs.

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To get your Nōke installation and Stora connection completed, you will need to provide the Nōke installation team with two sets of IDs.

  1. Site ID: This is a unique site ID that will identify your facility location to the Nōke system. This must be unique to your facility.

  2. Unit ID's: These are the unit ID's for your facility and there will be one for every single individual door at your facility. It is good practice to ensure these are also unique.

We recommend a standardised ID system (detailed below), though you can of course use whatever you like.

Site ID

For this, we would suggest using the following breakdown:

ST = Stora (indicates the software product you are using to Nōke which can be useful)

UK = High Level Country Code

EN = Low Level Country Code (eg. England)

PD = Facility name code (eg. Paddington)

Number = Number of that facility

So putting these together would create a Site ID as follows:


Unit IDs

For Unit ID's, we would suggest using your Site ID as a precursor to the code, then adding a unit numbering system to the end of it. Following the example above, that would mean adding numbers or letters to the end of the long code.

For example, if you had 4 units as follows:

  1. Ground Floor Unit 1 - 0001

  2. Ground Floor Unit 20 - 0020

  3. First Floor Unit 1 - 1001

  4. Second Floor Unit 10 = 2010

The Unit ID's would be:





Please note: Your contact at Nōke will ask you for these details during the setup phase.

For Stora to talk to the Nōke system (allowing you to integrate smart entry at your site), the next step is to tell Stora what codes you provided to the Nōke system.

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