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Customer check-in approaches

Learn about the options you can use to have your customers verify their identity, sign a contract and more.

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Stora provides you with three options to help you check in your customers:

Stora check-in

Stora check-in is made up of two main components. Automated identity verification and contract signature. You can use either or both. It's entirely up to you. Simply toggle on whichever you like from your customer check-in page.

Identity verification

With Stora Identity, your customers are asked to verify their identity after booking by taking a photo of an ID document and a selfie.

It all happens within your Storefront in a conversion-optimised verification flow, the customer never has to leave your website. If they are on a desktop computer they can seamlessly move the process to their phone to complete too.

Photos are checked against global databases so your customers’ identities can be verified with confidence.

If a customer doesn't verify it's up to you to decide if you should proceed with them as a customer or not. Stora doesn’t automatically cancel their booking if they haven't. It lets you know when they haven't so you can decide. If you wish you can skip this from the customer's contact page to stop asking them to verify their identity.

Contract signature

When you turn on contract signature you can include a link to a digital contract that you've set up separately with a tool such as SignNow. Customers will be asked after booking to sign the contract. Once you received the signed contract, you can press "Contract Signature" on the customer's subscription to complete the process.

No check-in

The default option. Your customers won't be asked to provide anything else once they've placed a booking and created their account

Your own check-in

Create your own check-in solution with an external tool. This approach is entirely handled by you with no automation. Your customers will see a button after booking asking them to complete check-in. Clicking it takes them to your form.

When you're happy with their check-in information, you can visit the customer's subscription and press "Confirm Check-in Complete" to finish the process.

Getting set up

You can change to any of these options instantly from your customer check-in page.

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