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Unit Type pricing
How to change the price of a Unit Type
How to change the price of a Unit Type

Learn how to update the default price of Unit Types on your Storefront.

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Within Stora, you can easily change the price that you would like your unit to be.

Navigate to the site where you would like to alter the unit pricing, then select the Unit Types tab. Select the unit type you wish to edit and then "Edit unit type".

Scroll down to the Price section and alter the unit price. You will see this calculate as the monthly total. When you have changed the price to the desired amount click "Update Unit Type" at the bottom of the page to confirm the change. This will automatically update the price on Stora and on the website.

You can also change your Unit Type pricing from the Pricing page.

Dynamically update a Unit Type's price based on its occupancy level

It's possible to have Unit Type prices change automatically based on rules you set up. Learn more about Dynamic occupancy pricing.

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