Dynamic occupancy pricing

Automatically change the Storefront price of unit types based on occupancy.

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Dynamic occupancy pricing is a feature exclusive to our Pro plan.

It automatically changes the Storefront price of any unit type from its base Storefront price when its occupancy matches rules you set.

How to set up dynamic occupancy pricing

Dynamic pricing rules are set for each Unit Type individually from the Unit Type edit form. On the form, go to the Dynamic occupancy pricing section and press Add a rule.

You will then need to select how the rule is applied from the options:

  • When occupancy is greater than

  • When occupancy is greater than or equal to

  • When occupancy is less than

  • When occupancy is less than or equal to

Next, type in the occupancy level for the Unit Type that triggers the rule.

Finally, select if the rule increases or decreases the price, and type in what percentage change will be applied to the base price.

Feel free to set as many rules as you like.

What happens next

Stora takes care of the rest. Every time the occupancy of a Unit Type changes, the Storefront price will be instantly automatically updated to apply or remove a rule as required.

You can see if a Dynamic occupancy pricing rule is currently active from the Unit Types page where a Dynamic label will appear beside the price, or from the Unit Type page.

On each Unit Type page, you'll find right the occupancy level of the unit type and the Storefront price (listed as dynamic is a rule is active).

In addition, all the pricing rules are listed out at the bottom of the page showing you which is active, and exactly how each affects the base price.

How to know if you get a booking from a dynamic price

Stora will flag to you any subscription that has been created with a dynamic price in new booking emails, and its subscription page.

Good to know

  • When a unit type matches a rule, your Backoffice will show that a Dynamic price is currently being used on the Storefront.

  • When a unit type matches a rule, you can select it when creating a subscription or editing a subscription.

  • To turn off Dynamic occupancy pricing for a unit type, simple press Remove beside all rules set.

Please note

  • If you change your default Storefront billing period, any dynamic pricing rules you have set will be removed, and you will need to add them again if desired.

  • Dynamic pricing does not automatically change the price being paid by any existing customer.

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