How to place test bookings

Use Stora test mode to try out your account without transacting real money.

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Book from your Storefront

Visit your Storefront (Tip: Press the eye icon next to the 'Online Store' in your sidebar to access it).

This is your website where visitors can book storage and become customers. Press 'Find Storage or 'Book Now' from the homepage to visit your Site page. Here you'll see available Unit Types. Select the 'Book Now' button beside any to be taken to its booking form.

Next, fill in the details as required. (Please use a real email address so you're able to fully experience the booking process as a customer).

When you submit this form, you'll be redirected to a payment page. Here use the card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, and complete the rest of the card booking info with any valid characters you like. The Unit Type is now booked! You'll see a confirmation of the booking and receive an email.

You can then set a password to gain access to the customer portal. If you have an online check-in process set up, you'll be able to test it here.

If you now return to your Backoffice Subscriptions page you can see a Subscription has been set up for your booking.

Book from your Backoffice

Visit your Backoffice Subscriptions page and press the 'Create a Subscription' button in the top right. Here you can test how you'll set up a subscription on behalf of a customer (if they phoned for example).

You can use the same test card details here to complete the form. You'll also find extra options such as turning off emails, perfect for transitioning existing customers to Stora.

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