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Change how prices are displayed on your Storefront
Change how prices are displayed on your Storefront

Learn how to tailor how prices are initially displayed to customers on your website.

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Visit a Site and press the Edit button. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and you'll find a dropdown field for Pricing.

You can update this to display your prices on your Storefront Site pages, Unit Type pages, and Booking form as you like.

If you don't see the price display option you need, you may first need to activate the Billing Period and set prices.

Price display options

Your options will change depending on the default Storefront Billing Period you've selected. Your displayed price must always be the same as or less than your Billing Period.

How prices displayed are calculated

The price display is automatically calculated from the Storefront Billing Period. If the Billing Period and price display are set to the same value then no calculation will be required, the price will be displayed as the inputted billing period price.

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