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How to integrate with SpiderDoor
How to integrate with SpiderDoor

How to integrate with the SpiderDoor smart entry system.

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Site setup

  1. Set up a site (or Edit) in Stora and select SpiderDoor as the access type.

  2. SpiderDoor will provide you with an 'API key' to enter. (This will be the same for all sites.)

  3. Name any existing sites exactly as they’re named in SpiderDoor.

  4. Set up any additional sites, that don’t exist on SpiderDoor, as required.

  5. Link the Stora site with SpiderDoor by navigating to the site show page and clicking the Link Now link for External ID. As shown in the screenshot.

Unit Setup

  1. If this is a new operator setup, a Stora Engineer may need to null out the external IDs for the seeded units.

  2. Create all related units in Stora.

  3. If they are existing units in SpiderDoor, set up the unit name in Stora to match the name in SpiderDoor exactly.

  4. Once set up in Stora, the click a link which will either link to an existing unit in SpiderDoor (if found with the same name) otherwise it will create a new unit on SpiderDoor - and in both cases, link the SpiderDoor unit ID to the Stora unit.

Time Zones & Keypad Zones setup

You can configure additional smart entry resources. This is located in the settings area.

Keypad Zones and Time Zones can be created for SpiderDoor.


The current configuration supports the use of Keypad access and does not currently support multi tenant / visitor access.

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