Setting up Units

How to set up storage Units for your Unit Types.

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Units are the individual rooms or spaces you have available for different Unit Types. Setting them up is quick and easy, all they need is a Unit Type an ID, (and an external ID if you're using a smart entry system).

How to create Units

Visit your Site, select the Units Tab, and then press + Units at the top right.

You can also edit the existing units by clicking on the unit and then Edit Unit.

Unit quantity

Start by deciding how many Units you'd like to add and press + Units. Don't worry if these are different types, you can do them all here. You can also do a few and come back later to add more!

You'll now see a list of blank fields to be completed for each Unit.

Give each Unit an ID. This can be anything you like and be updated by editing the Unit later. We recommend using 001,002,003 etc to increment the unit numbers.

If you're using a Smart Entry system, you will see a field for another ID too. Learn more about creating IDs for Nลke and BearBox.

Finally, select the relevant Unit Type for each Unit from the dropdown. If you haven't set up all Unit Types yet you should do this first or give the Unit a placeholder and update its Unit Type later by editing.

When you are happy, press Create These Units.

That's all there is to it. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Deleting Units

Select the '...' beside the unit and select Delete Unit.

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