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Update tax rates on existing subscriptions
Update tax rates on existing subscriptions

How to update any taxes applied to unit types or insurance for existing customers.

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To start, make sure you have set up your Tax Rates correctly in Stora. That means having created the global rates and ensuring they are applied correctly to each site. Learn more about setting up tax rates.

Next, it's important to remember that all taxes in Stora are inclusive. That means the price charged to the customer does not change automatically if you change its tax rate(s). If you wish to change a price, you would need to do this separately. With that in mind, there are two different approaches to changing the tax applied to existing subscriptions, which approach to take depends on if you wish to also change the price of the Unit Type or Insurance item you're updating.

If you're applying a new tax rate and changing the price of insurance:

  1. Ensure Tax Rates are set up correctly in Stora.

  2. Go to insurance in Stora, press edit on the insurance cover level and set the new price for your billing period.

  3. Go to the subscription in Stora, press edit insurance at the bottom of the pricing box, select the new price from the dropdown and press Preview Changes.

  4. On the next screen select on next renewal to apply changes from the next bill then confirm the changes.

If you're just applying a new tax rate to insurance or unit type:

  1. Ensure Tax Rates are set up correctly in Stora.

  2. Go to Stripe Subscriptions and select the subscription you’d like to update.

  3. Press actions in the top right, and select Update Subscription.

  4. Find the insurance/unit type line item, press the … to the right and select Edit Product Tax.

  5. Select the new Tax Rate from the dropdown. Do not press Add another tax. Press set tax item.

  6. Ensure 'Reset Billing Cycle' and 'Pro-rate changes' are switched off.

  7. Review the charges summary on the right hand side.

  8. Confirm changes by pressing the Update Subscription button.

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