Start accepting payments

How to start collecting real payments with Stripe.

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Going live with payments

Stripe is the system used to take payments from your customers. You can use an existing Stripe account or create a new one through Stora.

  1. When you're ready to go live, select the Get Live button from your Storefront, and request to Convert to Live.

  2. Once that is complete use the Setup payments button, select the appropriate options and follow the steps on screen.

How to apply recommended Stripe settings

We recommend updating these Stripe settings just after you've connected your Stora and Stripe accounts.

1. Access your Stripe account and select the settings cog and press on 'Subscriptions and Emails'.

2. Next, scroll down to the section 'Manage failed payments' where you can configure payment attempts and settings.

  • You can alter the retry schedule for failed payments.

  • If not using 'Billing Scale' please ensure the email link is for the 'my account' section of your website.

  • Please ensure you update the 'Subscription Status' option to leave the subscription as is.

3. We also recommend switching off the 'email finalised invoices to customers' option to allow for more flexibility and control from the Stora system.

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