Custom Move Out Dates

Select a custom move out date and charge for a partial period.

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When you cancel a subscription in the Backoffice you can select to cancel it on a custom date. Select the date required, then press preview changes to see how it will affect the subscription.

Custom move out date scenarios

Date extends into a future invoice period

If you select a date in the next invoice period, Stora will calculate the pro-rata amount due to be charged and charge this amount on the customer's usual billing day.

For example, if a customer is billed 14th November to 14th December but wishes to cancel on the 20th December. Stora will calculate the pro-rata amount from the 14th to 20th and charge this.

Date within the current invoice period

If you select a date within the current invoice period, i.e. the invoice that has already been paid, it will cancel the subscription on that date. If you wish to refund unused time, you can refund as per the refund method detailed here.

Good to know:

  • Customers cannot currently select their own custom move out date from the customer portal.

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