How to Sign Service Users In & Out

  1. Click on Register from the Dashboard

  2. Click Sign In next to a Service User's nameĀ 

  3. Make any necessary edits to the time/date specified when you Sign In

  4. Have the Service User add their Signature using the digital keypad (optional)

  5. Click Sign In to complete this process

  6. When the Service User is leaving for the day, follow the same steps to Sign Out

How to Print a Day Care Register

You may print an active register of those who are currently signed in at any time.

  1. Click on Register from the Dashboard

  2. Select the Register button located on the left-hand side

  3. Print or download a PDF from the print screen that appears in a new window

How to Export Register Logs

  1. Click on Register from the Dashboard

  2. Select the View Logs button in the top, right-hand corner of the screen

  3. Click the Export button on the left-hand side of the screen

4. Select the date range and period you wish to export data for

5. Choose to Export Excel or Print PDF to complete your action.

Attendance Table Export Option

Attendance Table within the Export View

Our Register Export has now expanded to become the 'Attendance Table' export, with significantly more use cases and customization options. Register exports can now be directly compared to schedule data within one Excel export, including the ability to filter for specific date ranges, days, Service Users, Staff and Register tags.

Attendance Table Export

Any export can also be ran against a valid Service from the Services feature. For example, an export could be ran including both the Register and Attendance Schedule against a Day Care 15 Minute Unit Service. This would generate an export that compares actual register times to scheduled/expected times alongside actual billable fees and scheduled/expected fees.

Users also have the option in the excel export to sort by last name instead of first name, include a totals table and include a legend for color coding.

Attendance Table Export - First Week

Attendance Table Exports are in Excel format - tabs will automatically be created to separate weeks or months.

Service calculations displayed in the Export

Services calculations are displayed for each individual week and totalled for each month.

'Total hours' tab

Where applicable, a 'Total hours' tab will be populated to tally all calculations for a user within the full export.

This feature has been built to be flexible and cater to different providers offering a range of different care services. We will be closely listening to feedback and suggestions - thank you to all clients who have contributed to our development on this already!

How to Email Your Day Care Register Logs

You can schedule Day Care Register logs to be emailed to a recipient of your choice at a regularly recurring interval or make it a one-off occurrence.

  1. Click on Day Care Register from the Dashboard

  2. Select the View Logs button in the top, right-hand corner of the screen

  3. Then click the Email to button on the right-hand side

4. Enter the email address, name, frequency and time of email delivery in the Set up new email section

5. Click Save to finish

Access Register QR Codes and PIN Codes

Select the Access button highlighted in red below:

From here, you can select an individual's QR Code or "Lock" icon to view their current QR code or PIN code. You may need to click the circular arrows icon to generate a code for the first time.

You can print the QR code directly by clicking on the printer icon.

You can learn more about how PIN Codes and QR Codes can be used in our Register App Article.

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