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Create your Marketplace Showcase
Create your Marketplace Showcase

How to upload assets and build your Marketplace Showcase

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Your showcase is your chance to display your agency's best work and make a great first impression on potential clients. A well-curated showcase can help you stand out from the competition and demonstrate your expertise in your chosen capabilities. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to edit your agency's Marketplace Showcase on StudioSpace

Accessing your Marketplace Showcase

To access your showcase, log in to your StudioSpace agency account, and in "My Studio", click on the "Marketplace Showcase" tab. You will be shown your Asset Library.

  1. Product Switcher: change between Marketplace, Projects and My Studio

  2. Navigation: change between viewing your Studio's details, your Marketplace Showcase or your Team.

  3. Account: Access your StudioSpace account

  4. Tabs: Choose between uploading your assets, building your showcase, or publishing your profile to the Marketplace.

  5. Profile Visibility: If your Marketplace Profile is currently hidden, you will see this message. Profiles are hidden by default.

  6. Upload or Embed: Upload images or embed video content from Vimeo or YouTube.

  7. File Library: Assets you have uploaded or embeded will appear here.

Adding to your Asset Library

Assets are required to build your Showcase. You can add assets to your library in two different ways.

Upload a file

Upload an image or video using files on your computer. We currently have a file size limit of 4MB.

Embed a video

If you want to add longer form videos to your showcase, we recommend doing so by embedding an existing video link. You can embed videos from either YouTube or Vimeo.

Vimeo video privacy must be set to Public to be used on StudioSpace, due to how Vimeo handles URLs. To learn more, visit this article.

Building your Showcase

  1. Under the "Showcase Builder" tab, select the showcase item you'd like to view/edit.

    If you have no showcase items yet: Click "New Showcase Item" to get started.

    To edit a showcase item: Click the 3 dots to bring up the View/Edit window.

    In the "View/Edit" window, you have the option to:

    1. Set the showcase item to either "Draft" or "Published"

    2. Select which media files you'd like to be shown in that showcase item

    3. Edit the showcase item name, client and provide a showcase description

    4. Provide any keywords that show the capabilities displayed in this showcase

  2. Switch the dropdown from "Draft" to "Published" when you're happy with the information in the showcase and hit "Save Showcase Item" to finish.

Important: You must have at least ONE showcase item with the dropdown switched to "Published" in order to publish your entire profile.

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