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Do I need to upload my proof of coverage each month?
Do I need to upload my proof of coverage each month?

Do you need evidence of each premium payment for me to be reimbursed?

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No, you do not need to upload your proof of coverage every single month!

  • When you first onboard onto our platform. Here is a little more information about that process.

  • Each compliance period. Your employer will require compliance checks either quarterly or annually, and we'll send lots of emails to let you know if yours are quarterly so you don't miss it.

And that's it! As long as your proof of coverage has been approved, and your premium is eligible for reimbursement, we will set up our system to automatically apply your premium to your total reimbursement amount on your employer's monthly report. Keep in mind, you will also need to upload a recurring premium claim in order to be reimbursed! You can view instructions on how to do that here.

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