What expenses can be set up as recurring?

The only expenses that can be set up as recurring expenses are monthly premiums on your health, dental, and vision insurance. There are times when prepaid medical expenses at a Chiropractor's office and Orthodontic payment plans are set up as recurring premiums as well.


  1. For QSEHRA, you must be covered by Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) to receive reimbursements.

  2. For ICHRA, you must be covered by a qualified individual health insurance plan purchased on or off the Exchange, or Medicare, to receive reimbursements.

As long as you maintain qualified health coverage, then you can also be reimbursed for your dental and vision premiums.

What documentation can I provide for proof of my premium?

Examples of what we will accept for proof of your premium:

  • A recent monthly bill

  • Screen shot from your online portal with your insurance company showing the premium amount and when it's due next

  • If covered under a spouse's employer group plan, a recent pay stub will show the total amount you cover each period.*

*If you are offered a QSEHRA and covered under a spouse's employer group plan, there are a few nuances to your premium reimbursement. Check out this article for more information.

How often do I need to submit an updated proof of my premium

Once you set up a recurring expense for your monthly premium, we'll only need to update once per year! We'll ask for a new proof of your premium each January. However, if your coverage or premium change at any time, you'll need to set up a new recurring expense to make sure you're receiving the correct reimbursement! You can read more about what to do if you cancel your insurance plan here.

What documentation can I provide for proof of my prepaid Chiropractic medical expense or Orthodontic payment plan?

  • The contract with your Chiropractic office that shows the duration that the prepayment is paying for, so that we can divide the full payment amount up into the specific months that you are being treated.

  • Orthodontic contract that shows your monthly payment plan, when the treatment began, and when the payment plan ends.

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