QSEHRA and ICHRA plans can be set up to reimburse for premiums only, or for premiums + additional medical expenses, as outlined by IRS Publication 502. If your company's HRA is set up to reimburse you for one-time medical expenses, you can submit those claims through your member portal.  

Note: Your monthly insurance premium can be set up as a recurring payment. See instructions here for how to submit your premium as a recurring expense. 

When you pay out of pocket for a copay at the doctor's office, your prescription medications, your child's dental work, your spouse's contact lenses, your physical therapy appointment, etc., you can submit those receipts through the portal for reimbursement. Here's how:

In order for your one-time medical expense claim to be approved, our compliance team needs to be able to see the patient's name, provider information, date of service, and the claim amount on the document you provide. Keep in mind that the date of service may be different from the date of billing!

A few helpful reminders for you:

  • Any unclaimed allowance each month rolls over and accumulates throughout the year. You can use your accumulated balance to be reimbursed for large medical bills.

  • If you have a bill that's larger than your monthly allowance, you only need to submit it once. We'll track it on the back end to be sure you're reimbursed for the full amount over time.

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