How do I read my Claims Summary report?

Learn more about what insight the Claims Summary report provides.

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The Claims Summary report provides you with a year-to-date summary of each employee's allowances, claims, reimbursements, and accumulated unclaimed allowance. You can click on the numbers in the Offered, Claims, and Reimbursements fields for a monthly breakdown. 

Let's walk through each of the column headings:

Offered: Here you can see your employee’s HRA allowance broken down by month. Remember that any unclaimed reimbursement allowance in a given month rolls over to the next month and accumulates throughout the year. We apply allowances to each employee on the 1st of the month.

Claims: These are your employees' approved claims year-to-date. The "Reimbursed" column represents how much of each claim has been on a Reimbursement Statement. If the full amount of the claim isn't what is shown in the reimbursed column, it means that the employee has used up their allowance year-to-date.

Reimbursements: This shows employee reimbursement amounts broken down by month. These amounts will correspond with your reimbursement statements run in each month, and are up to date as of the last Reimbursement Statement date. There are separate line items for tax-free & taxable reimbursements, so you may see two lines for the same month. If you have not yet run a Reimbursement Statement or processed reimbursements for the current month, you won’t see any current month reimbursements here.

Unclaimed Allowance: This shows your employee's unclaimed allowance year-to-date. Read more about that here.

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