Here are the most important things to know about TalkingPoints Privacy:

1. TalkingPoints is compliant with important privacy laws.

Yes, TalkingPoints is fully compliant with FERPA and MFIPPA. TalkingPoints has also taken steps to comply with this the The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Please see more information regarding our compliance with COPPA here. Our organization, however, is exempt from CCPA as a nonprofit.

2. TalkingPoints keeps data private and secure. 

We use the latest industry best practices to protect you. This includes: providing secure communication with our servers at all times, encrypting journal content at rest, enforcing password policies, and restricting data access.

3. TalkingPoints will not advertise in products or use your data in any commercial way.

TalkingPoints will not make revenue through advertising in our applications nor would we ever use your data for any commercial purposes. Advertising does not support our core mission. 

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Check out our full privacy policy and additional information here.

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