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Create: Pick Graphics
Create: Pick Graphics
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Creating Pick Graphics

This comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through the entire process, offering best practices, addressing common issues, and answering frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Create Graphics

  2. Graphic Creation Best Practices

  3. Common Issues

  4. FAQs

How to Create Graphics

  1. Click “Create” on the top left-hand side of your dashboard and navigate to "Pick Graphics"

  2. Select the sport and event from the dropdown

  3. Select event (e.g. Week 1)

  4. Filter by which game(s) you want to select by clicking the game or using the 5 options:

    1. All: Selects all

    2. Yesterday’s: Selects games that were completed yesterday (so you can show boat)

    3. Today’s: Selects all of the day’s games whether game is completed or not

    4. Final: Selects all games that have been completed

    5. Pending: Selects all games that have not been completed

  5. Use the display option toggles to determine which picks you want to show for each game if you made multiple selections on the game: Moneyline, Spread, Over/Under, or Show Best Bets only.

  6. A preview of your graphic will build on the right side of the page. When you’re satisfied with your selection, just click continue!

  7. Download to share the image on twitter or any other social media.

Graphic Creation Best Practices (Pro Tips)

To ensure you have the most secure experience, here are some best practices for graphic creation on Tallysight.

  • Consistency is Key: Maintain a consistent style for your graphics including fonts, colors, and layouts. This enhances brand recognition and professional appearance.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on the clarity and quality of the information presented in your graphics. Avoid cluttering the design with too much text or too many images.

  • Optimize for Platforms: Tailor your graphics for different social media platforms. Each platform has preferred image sizes and aspect ratios.

  • Utilize Templates: If available, use templates provided by Tallysight to speed up the creation process while ensuring your graphics meet design standards.

  • Accessibility Matters: Ensure your graphics are accessible, with alternative text for images and high-contrast color schemes for readability.

  • Preview Before Publishing: Always use the preview function to see how your graphic will look before finalizing it. Check for any misalignments, typos, or incorrect data.

  • Stay Updated: Keep your content timely by leveraging the filtering options to display the most relevant games, especially when using the 'Yesterday’s' or 'Today’s' filters.

  • Highlight Key Information: Use the display option toggles judiciously to highlight the most important picks—less can sometimes be more if it directs viewers to the best bets or main points.

Common Issues

If you encounter any issues while making picks, we have provided some common issues with a solution. Adhere to the following.

  • Misalignment in Preview: If the preview of your graphic isn't aligning properly, make sure you haven't exceeded the recommended amount of text and your internet connection is stable.

  • Selection Errors: If the wrong games are being selected, double-check the filters you've applied. Ensure you're using the correct option between 'All', 'Yesterday’s', 'Today’s', 'Final', and 'Pending'.

  • Download Problems: Trouble downloading the final graphic can be due to browser issues. Try clearing your cache, or switch browsers if the problem persists.

  • Data Inconsistencies: If the data shown in the graphic is incorrect, ensure that you have the latest update of the dashboard and refresh the page to sync the latest data.


Q: Can I edit a graphic after it has been finalized?

A: Once a graphic is finalized and downloaded, you cannot edit it. However, you can return to the dashboard, make changes, and re-download the graphic.

Q: What is the maximum number of picks I can display in one graphic?

A: The maximum number of picks is determined by the template and design constraints to ensure clarity. If you need to show more, consider creating multiple graphics.

Q: How do I ensure my graphics are shared in high resolution?

A: When downloading the graphic, choose the highest quality option and check the platform's guidelines for uploading high-resolution images.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the use of these graphics?

A: Graphics created on Tallysight are typically for personal and promotional use on social media related to your picks. Refer to our terms of service for detailed usage policies.

Q: What should I do if the event I'm looking for isn't listed?

A: If an event is not listed, it may not have been added to the system yet. You can contact support to inquire about specific events.

Q: Can these graphics be scheduled to post directly to social media?

A: Currently, Tallysight does not support direct scheduling to social media. You will need to download the image and use your preferred social media management tool to schedule posts.

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