Making Picks
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Making Picks

This comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through the entire process, offering best practices, addressing common issues, and answering frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Make Picks

  2. How to Remove Picks

  3. Pick Creation Best Practices

  4. Common Issues

  5. FAQs

How to Make Pick

  1. Navigate to the "Make Picks" tab on the side pane of the home page to see all the upcoming games, events, and futures you can weigh in on.

  2. Use the dropdowns to filter which sportsbook you want to view for upcoming games and events

    • Sport: Toggle between sports

    • Event: Toggle between events in selected sports (week 1, futures, etc.)

    • Search: Find specific teams, conferences, or divisions

    • Sportsbook Dropdown: we recommend toggling between different sportsbooks if a particular event/pick type is not available in your selected book

  3. Select the picks you want to make and within your bet slip click the “best bet” to mark the pick as a lock or “add take” to include a score prediction, analysis of the game or source article links.

    • Click any of the modules below a market to help inform your decision:

      • Matchup stats: see how these teams have performed

      • My performance: see your performance when picking this market

      • Expert Picks: See what other analysts are picking

    • If you need to update a pick:

    • You can do so by finding the pick you made on ‘Make Picks’ and selecting another choice

  4. Once you selected all your predictions, click Submit Picks on the right side of the page (desktop) or at the bottom of the page (mobile).

    • Share to Twitter: creates a link for you to instantly share your bet slip

    • Or copy embeddable code to place your betslip directly into an article

  5. Press the Create button at the top of the page to access the content studio where you can share out your picks and/or your staff’s picks in a variety of ways!

How to Remove Picks For Your Selections

  1. Navigate to the "Make Picks" tab on the side pane of the home page to see all the upcoming games, events, and futures you can weigh in on.

  2. Next, re-select the same pick you made (i.e if you made a pick for an over on the Detriot Pistons, select the same pick you did previously)

  3. View the "Your Selections" pane on the right-hand side after selecting and press "Remove"

Pro-Tip: Pick Creation Best Practices

To ensure you have the most optimal viewing experience, here are some best practices for creating/making picks.

  • Always review your picks before finalizing to ensure accuracy.

  • Regularly check the "My performance" section to understand and improve your betting strategy.

  • Stay updated with expert picks and matchup stats to make informed decisions.

Common Issues

If you encounter any issues while making picks, we have provided some common issues with a solution. Adhere to the following.

  • Pick Not Registering: Ensure you've clicked the “best bet” option on your bet slip.

  • Event Not Found: Try toggling between different sportsbooks or use the search function.


Q: Can I share my picks directly on social media?

A: Yes, after making your selection, you can directly share to Twitter or get an embed code for articles and landing pages.

Q: How do I know how I'm performing compared to others?

A: Navigate to the Rankings section to see how you fare against other participants.

Q: What if the event I want isn’t available?

A: Try switching sportsbooks or checking back later, as the list of events is continuously updated.

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