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Create & View Staff Rankings
Create & View Staff Rankings
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Staff Rankings

This guide will walk you through the process of creating and viewing staff rankings on our platform. Whether you're a new user or just need a refresher, we've got you covered.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Create Staff Ranking Widgets

  2. How to View Staff Rankings WIdgets

  3. Staff Ranking Best Practices

  4. Common Issues

  5. FAQs

How to Create the Staff Ranking Widgets

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and click “Create” on the top left-hand side.

  2. Select the "Staff Ranking" widget option.

  3. Select the desired sport and event (e.g. 2021 CFB Season or Week 1).

    1. You could show the current week’s performance or keep a running widget with your season scores.

  4. Add any additional sports to the dropdown and adjust any settings to your preference.

    1. "Select Pick Type" determines which pick type will display by default

    2. Toggle the number of analysts on the slider to display (e.g. top 3,5,10)

  5. Once your desired settings are chosen and selected, press "Add Promo" and customize your promotion widget.

    1. Press "Use New Ad Manager" for more options

    2. For a dynamic view with priorities across multiple sportsbooks, select "Dynamic" and for preference-set sportsbooks view, select "By Sportsbook"

    3. For singular or multiple views for Sportsbooks, select the appropriate options of "Multiple promos" and "Single promo"

    4. Select your number of sportsbooks via the slider, sport via the dropdown menu, and rankings display via the selector.

  6. After making adjustments, you click on either "Copy embed code", "Preview", or "Back" depending on your desirability. This is the final step.

How to View Staff Rankings

  1. Navigate to the main dashboard and click on "Rankings" on the left-hand side. You will be taken to a new page.

  2. Once you are on the Rankings page, you can view rankings spanning across multiple metrics. Feel free to utilize the filters for your desired viewing experience.

    1. These filters span different sports, bet types, events, networks, conferences, teams, divisions, and editors. Utilize these filters by either selecting the drop-down menus, sliders, and fields.

Staff Ranking Best Practices (Pro Tips)

To ensure your the most optimal viewing experience, here are some best practices for viewing and filtering staff rankings

  • Ensure that you regularly update the filters to get the most recent and relevant data.

  • Don't rely solely on one metric, use multiple. Consider viewing rankings based on different performance metrics for a holistic view.

Common Issues

If you encounter any issues while adding or changing your password, here are some common troubleshooting steps:

  • Ranking Discrepancies: Sometimes, rankings may not reflect the most current data due to caching issues. Try refreshing your dashboard or clearing your browser cache.

  • Widget Configuration Errors: Difficulty in configuring the "Staff Ranking" widget can occur if steps are missed or settings are incorrectly applied. Ensure that you follow the setup process in sequence and double-check each setting before finalizing.

  • Embed Code Issues: If you are having trouble with the "Copy embed code" function, make sure your browser allows clipboard actions or try manually selecting and copying the code.

  • Promotion Widget Customization: Customizing the "Add Promo" widget might not always save your preferences if there are errors in the selection or browser compatibility issues. Confirm that you are using a supported browser and that all selections are correctly input before attempting to save.

  • Analytics Display: Challenges might arise when toggling the number of analysts to display, such as the slider not reflecting the correct number. When this occurs, refresh the settings or restart the widget setup process.

  • Filter Functionality: Filters might not update the displayed rankings immediately. It’s often a good idea to wait for a few seconds or manually trigger an update by re-selecting the filter options.

  • Dynamic vs. By Sportsbook View: Users may get confused between "Dynamic" and "By Sportsbook" views. Remember that "Dynamic" adjusts according to priorities set across multiple sportsbooks, while "By Sportsbook" will only show the preferred sportsbook.

  • Display Settings: Incorrect rankings display when the wrong settings are selected under "Multiple promos" or "Single promo". Verify that you've selected the correct option for the display you wish to generate.


Q: How often are the rankings updated?

A: Rankings are updated in real-time as data comes in.

Q: Can I view rankings from previous months or years?

A: Absolutely! Use the date filter to select the desired time frame.

If you encounter any issues that are not covered in this guide, please reach out to our customer support for further assistance.

Thank you for choosing our service!

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