How To Set up Delivery Control On BayEngage For Emails

Set up delivery control for your emails

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As a marketer or business owner, you are probably brimming with a lot of campaign ideas everyday. But, no matter how lucrative your campaign idea is, there is a certain limitation on how many campaigns you send to your customers within a given timeframe without being annoying.

Why is delivery control important

  • You should not annoy your customers

  • Too many emails in a short span leads to unsubscribes

  • You may come across as spammy and less valuable

  • The most important emails may not get the attention it deserves

You can also set a Delivery control rule to make sure that your recipients who received a campaign in the last “X no. of hours” do not receive the current campaign.

Note: Delivery control is calculated based on hours - (multiplier of 24 hours, if it's 2 days = 48 hours, 3 days = 72 hours, etc)

It can also be calculated based on days, weeks, and months.

How To Set up Delivery Control On BayEngage

  1. Login to the BayEngage account or create a new account if you don’t have one.

  2. Create a campaign and do not schedule yet. (Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to create campaigns on BayEngage.)

  3. From the “To” drop-down, you can see the option to enable Delivery Control. Mark the checkbox.

4. You can determine the no. of hours in the field by simply typing in the number or using the up & down arrows to choose the number.

You can set up delivery control based on the no. of hours, days, weeks, and months (as seen in the above screenshot).

5. Once you determine the number, go ahead and click on “Save”.

This will ensure that your campaigns will not be sent to those recipients in your contact list whom you have contacted in the past “X no. of hours/days/weeks/months” as determined by you in the delivery control.


🤔 Is it mandatory to set up a delivery control for my campaigns?

Not really. If you are someone who sends campaigns frequently, you may want to consider setting this up - so that you don’t annoy your recipients with too many emails.

🤔 What is the recommended frequency to send emails to the same recipient?

There is no fixed time frame to contact your recipients. However, an email within a period of 48 hours is ideal.

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