How To Pause A Scheduled Campaign?

[Before the campaign takes off & while sending scenarios]

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If at any point after scheduling a campaign, you want to pause it, you can do it on BayEngage. Whether the campaign has started taking off or is yet to start delivering, you can pause the campaign at any given time. Let’s look at how to do this on BayEngage.

How to pause a campaign?

  1. Login to the BayEngage account or create a new account if you don’t have one.

  2. From the left menu, select “Campaigns” (Email Campaigns) to view your scheduled campaigns.

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  3. You can see the “Scheduled” status for your campaign. If you want to pause the campaign, then, click on the “Pause” button. This will pause your campaign, that is, the emails will no longer be sent out to your recipients.

4. The status will be changed from “Scheduled” to “Paused” and you will see the option to “Reschedule the campaign”. You can reschedule the campaign again anytime. Clicking on “Reschedule the campaign”, you will see the option to “Send” the campaign immediately or “Schedule” it again.

Note: If you are not rescheduling the campaign, the “Pause” status indicates that the campaign is canceled and will not be sent out to your recipients.

5. You can reschedule the campaign based on the time zone and date that you prefer.


🤔 Can I cancel a campaign in the middle of the sending process?

Yes, you absolutely can. A campaign that has started delivering can be paused or canceled. This will ensure that the recipients won’t receive your email. However, you cannot do anything about the recipients who have already received your email before you decided to pause or cancel it.

🤔 What if I decide to send the campaign after I paused it?

If you change your decision and would like to proceed with the campaign that you paused, you can reschedule it at any time.

🤔Why do I need to pause a campaign?

You may have to pause a campaign when there is a broken link in your email, or if you want to change the content or imagery. It could also be simply because you changed your mind and don’t want the campaign to go out.

🤔How effective are the changes when I reschedule a campaign after a pause?

The recipients who already received your emails before pausing it will not be able to see the changes you made. It’ll be effective only for the recipients who receive your emails after the reschedule.

🤔How do I prevent typos and mistakes in my campaigns?

Some of the best practices include making use of the “Preview” option on BayEngage to make sure everything looks perfect. You can also send test emails to check for typos, broken links, mobile view, and more.

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