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Campaign Send Now & Schedule Options Explained
Campaign Send Now & Schedule Options Explained
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Email campaigns are planned based on the target audience, the geography, the time zone they live in, the send time that has worked best for you in the past (previous campaigns success analysis), and more. The “Schedule” campaign feature on BayEngage helps you carefully plan and schedule the campaign at a time that is the most ideal for your audience, engagement, and more.

On the other hand, some email campaigns are planned and executed at the spur of the moment. Particularly, when you have a great campaign idea and you want to execute it immediately. That’s when the “Send Now” feature of BayEngage comes in handy! No matter how impulsive your campaign idea is, BayEngage can help you immediately deliver.

But, this does not mean that the key ingredients of a good campaign should be compromised. We will also tell you how BayEngage helps you create personalized and click-worthy subject lines, attractive email designs, seamless list upload, and more - without having to spend a ton of time (it’s all readily done for you).

📚Recommended Read: Here's a detailed step-by-step guide for sending a regular campaign on BayEngage. If you want to send a campaign immediately, follow these steps and choose "Send Now" in the last step.

Delivery Control

The estimated recipients count will differ during the time of sending. This is because, the campaign will automatically exclude recipients who unsubscribed before the campaign take off.

How To Send A Campaign On BayEngage (The Scenario of Later)

Scheduling a campaign on BayEngage is pretty similar to sending a campaign immediately. You can follow the same steps - 1 through 8 and once you are happy with the test email - you can go ahead and schedule the campaign.

  • Click on the “Schedule button” and choose the “Send Later” option.

  • You can now choose the date on which you want the campaign to go out, the exact time, and the time zone

Time Zones: Everything You Need To Know

- Multiple campaigns can be sent in different time zones

- BayEngage supports almost all time zones across the world

- When you send the campaign "now", all users will receive the campaign in the same time zone irrespective of "their" time zone

  • Once you are set with the date and time details, you can go ahead and click on “Schedule” and your campaign will set sail at the scheduled time :)

Note: If email credits are over, the campaign will be canceled.


🤔 Can I send campaigns in different time zones?

Yes! You can send different campaigns in different campaigns irrespective of the time zone you are in and the time zone set in your account settings.

🤔 What if some of my contacts don’t have the data for personalization?

BayEngage enables you to fill in the gap with a fall back variable. For example, if some of your contacts don;t have the “first name”, you can set up a fall back variable as “Hello there” in place of “Hello first name”.

🤔 Why do I see a mismatch in recipient's count in "send now" v/s. "schedule later"

For “send later” the count is displayed based on when the campaign is going to be scheduled (when unsubscribes happen or when there are new opt-ins) before the campaign takes off. Whereas for “send now”, it will be accurate.

🤔 What is delivery control and why is it important?

Delivery control helps you to make sure that your recipients who received a campaign in the last “X no. of hours” do not receive a campaign within a short period. You can set this rule to make sure that your recipients are not bombarded with too many marketing messages in a short span (results in unsubscribes, seen as spammy, etc)

🤔 Does BayEngage show campaign performance metrics?

Yes, you can view the campaign performance on BayEngage (View reports) to find out opens, clicks, unopened, unsubscribes, spam, delivery score, and more.

🤔 How do I send a follow-up campaign on BayEngage?

You can create targeted follow-up campaigns on BayEngage by creating segments if “opened”, “unopened”, and “clicked” metrics.

🤔 Is it possible to clone a campaign instead of creating it from scratch?

Yes, absolutely! You have the option to clone, edit, and delete a campaign on BayEngage.

For any questions about email campaigns on BayEngage, feel free to write to us at

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