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When can I take translations off the Tarjimly app?
When can I take translations off the Tarjimly app?

Solutions for translating longer documents, adding interpreters to Zoom calls, and accessing interpreters without internet access

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Taking conversations off of the Tarjimly app is against our Terms of Use and can lead to your account being blocked.
Please read below to see the options Tarjimly offers for users who want documents translated, to add interpreters to Zoom or other online meetings platforms, and to access interpreters without use of the Tarjimly app.

Just quickly we would like to remind you of the reasons we have this policy:
- To keep the personal contact details of our users and translators safe. This protects everyone from unwanted contact outside of the app.
- We are able to monitor sessions on the app for any abuse or issues, which we cannot do when communication is outside of the app.
- All session data is immediately deleted from the translator's app and phone after the session is ended. We cannot control the use of data outside of the app.

1) Document translation via a sharing link
A sharing link is when you create a link for an online document or folder (e.g. Google Docs, One Drive etc.). When you create a fully shareable link which you paste into the Tarjimly, they are able to translate a longer document, without the need for exchanging emails. Make sure you give "editor access", not "view-only" access. Access can be removed immediately after completion of the translation.

Don't forget that Tarjimly sessions time out after 12 hours of inactivity, so you can keep the session open by sending a message every 11 hours.

2) Tarjimly Hotline (Premium feature)

Tarjimly Premium users can request a translator for phone translation, even if they don't have internet access. It works by calling the Tarjimly hotline number (which is sent in the email when you subscribe to Premium), and choosing the language. The translator receives this as a phone call labelled "Tarjimly" and can accept if they are available.

3) Zoom and Online Meetings (Premium feature)

Tarjimly Premium has a conference calling feature that allows Premium useres to add translators to Zoom and other online meeting platforms directly via the app.
For exact instructions on how to add a translator to an online meeting, and how to avoid getting an echo, please read this article:

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