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Share a parent enrolment form

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After creating a child profile, TeachKloud's parental enrolment form can be used.

If you have not created any child profiles, click here!

Getting Started with the Child Enrolment Form

To access the enrolment form, select Children > List of Children > 3 Grey Dots > Edit Child Profile

  1. The enrolment form includes child details, medical health, collection, getting to know your child and more.

  2. You can share enrolment forms with parents, who can complete it using the TeachKloud parent app or via the web using the relevant links in the invite email.

  3. Parents must first create an account on the mobile app, before they can log into the enrolment form section.

  4. The school email registered with TeachKloud will receive an email when a parent edits the form.

Individual Edits

Each enrolment form is linked to a specific child. If you want to add policies such as consent or registration policies, we recommend using the policy and documents section here, as this enables you to add / edit policis/documents for individual, everyone or a select group at once.

How Many Parents Can Edit the Form?

  1. You can invite multiple parents (grandparents etc.) to use the parent app.

  2. A parent must have been invited to and created an account on the TeachKloud for parents app before they can edit the enrolment form.

  3. Only one parent can be invited to complete and sign the enrolment form.

  4. Before inviting a parent to edit the enrolment form, we recommend editing any necessary areas of the form to suit your needs.

Inviting Parents to the Enrolment Form

  1. To invite a parent to complete an enrolment form for their child, select: > Children > List of Children > 3 Grey Dots > Edit Child Profile > Parents or guardians.

  2. Enter the parent/guardian (can be more than one) contact information and select "Allow this parent/guardian to edit enrolment form."

Adding A Parental Checklist to the Enrolment Form: If you want to add yes/no questions or checklists to the enrolment form use the enrolment checks section.

  1. You can add universal policies (i.e. every parent will see the same policy on their enrolment form but you will have to edit these individually if using the enrolment section. As a result, we recommend you use the compliance > policies and documents section to add policies, as these can be bulk edited) such as your registration policy or consent forms directly to your enrolment forms by using the menu on the left-hand side of your screen: Enrolment > Policies & Consent.

  2. To share an enrolment form: select 'parent's or guardians' and select the parent you'd like to be able to complete the enrolment form.

  3. Once the parent completed / signed the form, the enrolment form will be automatically updated and viewable on the school interface and by the parent on the TeachKloud for Parents App.

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