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Completing the enrolment form: TeachKloud for Parents
Completing the enrolment form: TeachKloud for Parents

Enrolling children on TeachKloud for Parents

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Watch the video below or read the instructions to learn more about completing your child’s registration form via TeachKloud.

Received an invite to complete the enrolment or registration form for your child, but not sure where to begin?

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you have been invited, your child’s school or early childhood service will send you an email (which comes from TeachKloud) inviting you to edit a registration form for your child/ren. Please first create an account on the mobile/tablet app called TeachKloud for Parents before trying to log into the enrolment form section.

  2. The registration form can be completed via the TeachKloud for parents app or via the web on These links will all be included in the invite email.

  3. To navigate to the registration form, log into the app and use the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Here we have daily records, instant messaging, attendance and the notification button. Select the last circular button at the bottom right hand corner of your screen to complete the registration form

  4. At the top of your screen you will see any child profiles that you have been invited to. Select a child profile to begin.

  5. You will be asked for the email and password that you use to log into the TeachKloud for parents app to access this section of the app.

Enrolling Children Walkthrough

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