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Reset Your Password: TeachKloud App
Reset Your Password: TeachKloud App

Parents and educators can reset their password on the login page of the TeachKloud for Parents App or on the TeachKloud: Childcare App

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If you receive a message, stating that your email and/or password is incorrect, you will need to follow the below instructions to gain access to your account.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the email you are using is the one used to invite you / create your TeachKloud Account. You need to have been invited and created an account before you can log into the app or reset your password.

Reset Password: Log In Page (See Screenshot Below) - If you do not have a TeachKloud account, create one on the app, you cannot reset a password for an account that does not exist

  1. Go to the log in page of the app and select forgot password

  2. Enter your email (the page will then display box, asking you for a code)

  3. Check your email (inbox and spam) for the code

  4. Enter the code into the TeachKloud app (see second screenshot below)

P.S. If you have never used TeachKloud before, download the TeachKloud app for parents or the TeachKloud: Childcare app which is for educators and select create an account, to begin using TeachKloud.

Reset Password from Inside the App (If You Know Your Current Password)

If you are signed into the mobile app and unsure how to navigate to the log in page to reset your password, please follow the below instructions:

  1. While signed into the app, select the last button on the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen (this is a letter, for example, β€œA”)

  2. Select switch account in the top right hand corner

  3. Select forgot password and check your email (inbox and spam) for the password reset code

Please note: All passwords are encrypted, we cannot see or change your password for you. The above steps must be followed by the account owner.


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