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Parent Information Article: What is TeachKloud + Privacy
Parent Information Article: What is TeachKloud + Privacy

Take a tour and get started with TeachKloud

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Dear Parent,

We're so excited to have you onboard on TeachKloud! This help article takes you through a video tour of TeachKloud, what to expect and our commitment to your privacy! Please Note: only your child's childcare setting or school can send parental invites and edit detail's on your profile, please contact them directly with any such requests.

Contact Us

Have questions on using the app? Watch the video below or visit our dedicated parent help desk here! Still need to contact us? Email If you're already using the TeachKloud for parent's app, include your child's name and the name of their childcare or school setting, in your enquiry email.

Take A Tour: TeachKloud Parent Demo

Educators and family members can connect and communicate on individual experiences of children, as soon as they happen, from day one through to graduation using TeachKloud! You will be invited by your child’s pre-school when when they are ready to begin.

Getting started

  1. Your child’s childcare setting or school will invite you to view your child’s or children’s profile

  2. You will receive an email with a download link for the TeachKloud parent mobile app – available on the Apple + Android App Store! Please download the app and select 'create new account' and do so, using the email you were invited with

  3. As a parent, you can see details that link to your child or children (you cannot see anyone else's child's profile), instantly communicate, sign documents and keep up to date on your child’s or children’s education and care

What Can I do on the TeachKloud Parent App?

TeachKloud was designed by an early years expert to bring the pre school experience into the digital world. Our connective, unique school-parent communication software was developed in collaboration with parents and educators to unite, update and share.

  • View and download child observations, images, videos and view your child’s daily activities

  • Register your child with their pre-school / after school, all online via the TeachKloud App or via the enrolment website, if you have been invited by your child's childcare/school to the enrolment form

  • Digitally receive updates on your child’s education and care

  • Instant-messaging with your child’s educators – View Demo for Instant Messaging

  • View and sign policy and regulation updates - view demo on how to sign policies

  • Secure and integrative payment for childcare fees

  • View your child’s attendance records, special moments and daily records like meals and nappy changes

  • Review / sign accident forms and medication logs

  • Instantly share, receive and sign consent forms

Downloading the TeachKloud Parent App + Links

When you are invited, you will receive an email with the app download links and easy instructions. You can only view your child's details when you have been invited. Once invited, please follow the instructions in the email. You will need to create an account first, before logging in. If you cannot access the enrolment form, please check that you were invited to the 'Enrolment' form, if you have not received the enrolment form invite, contact your child's childcare setting or school directly. You may need to re-confirm your email (check spam/inbox, once the invite email is sent).

Your Privacy

Learn more about our commitment to your privacy

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