Data Privacy Rights on TeachKloud

I want to to rectify, access or delete my data for parents or educators/staff

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Right to Rectification

Role of TeachKloud: TeachKloud functions as a Data Processor, handling your personal data on behalf of the Data Controller, which is your early childhood service.

How to Rectify Your Information:

  • Direct Adjustments: You have the ability to correct some of your information directly through your user account on the TeachKloud platform.

  • Assistance for Further Rectifications: If you are unable to make certain changes yourself, please reach out to your early childhood service or school. TeachKloud will support them in implementing the necessary rectifications to fulfill your request.

Right to Access

TeachKloud’s Processing Role: As a Data Processor, TeachKloud manages your personal data under the instruction of the Data Controller, your early childhood service. This means we do not have the authority to independently handle requests for data access.

Procedure for Data Access:

  • Initiating a Request: If you, as a parent or guardian using TeachKloud, need access to your or your child’s data, or information about educators, please contact your early childhood service directly.

  • Support in Fulfilling Access Requests: TeachKloud is available to assist the early childhood service in taking the required steps to satisfy your data access request.

Right to Deletion/Erasure

TeachKloud’s Processing Capacity:

  • TeachKloud, in its role as a Data Processor, manages your personal data on behalf of the Data Controller, the early childhood service. We do not have the authority to directly execute requests for data deletion or erasure.

How to Request Data Deletion:

  • Directing Your Request: If you wish to have your data (or that of your child, if you are a parent/guardian or an educator) erased from the TeachKloud platform, please approach your early childhood service.

  • Assisting with Deletion Requests: TeachKloud will collaborate with the early childhood service to take the necessary steps to accommodate your request for data deletion or erasure.

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