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What kinds of vehicles do not qualify for a Tenet loan?
What kinds of vehicles do not qualify for a Tenet loan?
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Tenet offers loans for new and used passenger electric vehicles & plug-in hybrids. The following types of vehicles are not eligible for financing with Tenet:

  • If you are purchasing from a brick-and-mortar independent dealer, these independent dealers must be approved by our risk team on a case-by-case basis. An applicant just needs to put Tenet in contact with the dealer (There is a place for this in our online application to confirm dealer contact info).

Supported Independent Dealers

  • Vehicles being sold or refinanced from a Private Party (Unless listed on KeySavvy).

  • Vehicles that can not be plugged in (Regular Hybrids are not eligible).

  • 2014 model year or older.

  • Vehicles with 100,000 miles or more for Purchase Financing (Refinancing is available for 100,000 miles or more Vehicles).

  • Commercial vehicles.

  • Salvage or branded-title vehicles.

  • Gray market or lemon law vehicles.

  • Conversion or delivery vehicles.

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