These are the recommended settings to get better quality live view and event/time-lapse snapshots:


On the Camera

On the Timeline

  • Click on Admin (top right) -> Cameras

  • Click on the pencil to the left of the Camera to edit it

  • Switch to the "Advanced" tab

  • Under the Analytics URL, enter:

Set as follows:

  • Enable: tick Enable

  • Stream: Select Sub Stream 2 from the dropdown

    Important: Make sure you are selecting "Sub Stream 2" in the dropdown as shown in the screenshot above.

  • Resolution: select the highest the camera can provide

  • Framerate: 4 to 6 fps

  • Bit Rate Type: CBR

  • Bit Rate 2048

    Note: If 2048 is unavailable then highest available

  • IFrame Interval double the Framerate (e.g. 8 or 12)

Note: Code-Stream Type is missing on some models, this option is not important

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