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How do I set up analytics / video motion detection on my cameras?
How do I set up analytics / video motion detection on my cameras?

Setting up analytics on cameras with TetherX

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You have 3 options when it comes to analytics on TetherX:

Camera Analytics - this is the most cost effective option, where suitable cameras are chosen with the required level of analytics. Some cameras may do people counting, some can detect license plates, loitering, even provide facial recognition. Most cameras manufactured since 2010 will have some form of built-in analytics that you can leverage with TetherX.

Cloud Analytics - this is an option that allows you to run analytics in the cloud. It requires a monthly subscription but can vastly reduce false alarms and is suitable in a control room and alarm receiving setting. It also allows advanced functionality such as a "health and safety" module which can detect if someone is not wearing their high visibility jacket on a construction site. Please get in touch with us as we can facilitate advanced analytic requirements through our partners.

Basic TetherBox Analytics - every TetherBox is equipped with built in "automatic" analytics which detect a background and introduction of a foreground object. This is not customisable and tends to be very sensitive to make sure nothing is lost. This mode works for monitoring and recording but is not suitable for alarm notifications.

Setting Camera or TetherBox Analytics

1. Go to the Cameras page

2. Select the camera and click on Pen Icon for Edit

3. Select the "Advanced" tab and set the event trigger as desired:

For more information about setting up camera analytics, see: How do I set up camera analytics notifications?
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Setting up Cloud Analytics

TetherX presently have several partners for cloud analytics, please see: How do I set up cloud analytics with TetherX?

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