Firstly you should open a tunnel to your camera. How do I tunnel into a device?

1. Log in

2. Go to the Configuration tab, Video/Audio section to configure the camera resolution and bitrate.

Recording Stream (Main Stream, primary)

The Recording stream is used to record your videos, as well as for living viewing on a local network or on the Internet (if there is sufficient Internet speed). Your footage is stored in this quality.

  • For 4K: H.264 4K 25FPS VBR - Quality: Medium - Type: Variable/VBR - Bitrate: 6144kbit - Key Internal: 50, No Watermark

  • For 1080P: H.264 4K1080P 25FPS VBR - Quality: Medium - Type: Variable/VBR - Bitrate: 3072kbit - Key Internal: 50, No Watermark

Analytics Stream (Sub-stream, secondary)

The Analytics Stream is used for software processing for motion detection. The higher the settings for this stream, the greater the load on your TetherBox. We recommend not exceeding the recommended values below to improve the stability work of your TetherBox.

Note: Also, this stream will be used if your device or your TetherBox have a low internet speed.

  • Recommended: H.264 D1 - 15FPS - Type: Variable/VBR - Quality: Medium - Bitrate: 1024kbit - Key Interval: 30

  • The analytics stream is used to detect the objects vs background, please ensure this is 720P or below.

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