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Finding events and footage in TetherX
Finding events and footage in TetherX

Events page in TetherX

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Events are a collection of "Items". Which can be recordings, time-lapse images, details of a person from the access control system, a message from the alarm panel, license plate information, etc.

On the events page, each event is a collection of those items as well as an audit log of anything that happens with this event as well as "comments" that can be added to any event to give it context.

When viewing or sharing an event, this allows the event to have all the relevant context in once place.

On the left side of the control panel, you can see filters for a zone (cameras), location (camera groups), time and the type of analytics used. All of these options will help you to efficiently find the event you are looking for:

Note: To select events from only one camera, select the "Zone" tab and select the required camera from the drop-down list.

Playing a CCTV Event

While not all events will have a camera, TetherX is a visual system and assigning a nearby camera to every monitored device is encouraged. If your event indeed has video footage, this footage is split up into 1 minute chunks to easily jump to the relevant part. Each minute of footage also has a corresponding image most representative of the contents of the video. Tap on the recording of interest to play it:

Ungrouping CCTV Events

Note: This option is only available if you have selected a single camera.

Since each event can have many minutes of footage (up to 60 minutes if motion is continuous), you may want to ungroup events into a single endless page showing everything that was recorded.

To do this, select the zone (Camera) and click the Expand Events button, as shown below:

Note: To group events back, click the "Group Events" button.

Events page view

You can change the appearance of the Events page to icons or rows. To do this, click on the corresponding icon on the top panel.

Events Search

You can use filters to filter events. For example, select the Flagged filter to display only flagged events:

About filters:

  • Flagged - Shows only flagged events.

  • Shared - Shows only events that were shared by link or email.

  • Confirmed Alarms - Shows only those events on which the alarm was triggered or the armed camera detects movement.

  • Analytics/Sensors - This allows you to select the type of trigger and thus display all events with a trigger.

    • If selecting this option, you can also filter by the specific analytics of interest.

Actions with Events

You can flag, close, delete and share events. In order to perform some actions with a specific video, go to the page of this video and select the action in the left control panel.

You can mark, delete or share one video, the whole event, or multiple events.

  • Closed events will no longer appear in the timeline

  • Flagged/Shared events you can quickly find using filters on the events page

  • Deleted events will be deleted and you will not be able to view them

Use filters to filter Flagged (or Shared) events

Use sorting to view closed events

Event thumbnail icons

On these icons, you can view quick information about the event such as:

  • Uploading an event to the cloud

  • Shared / Flagged events

  • The analytics that were used to form the event

  • Applying advanced analytics

  • And much more

To find out what each icon on your thumbnail means, hover your mouse over it to get a description.

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