If you have an existing VMS, AMS or equivalent (for example IMMIX or Sentinel) and you need to bring a live video feed from TetherX, you can do so by:

1. Open your profile page (top right) and select the "API Details" tab.

2. Make a note of the "Timeline Token", you will need it to create the url.

3. Go to the "Zones" page and tap on the name of the camera you wish to use.

4. Make a note of the ID of the zone, you will need it to create the url.

5. Substitute the token and zone id in the following URL with the ones you noted:


6. Copy the link to your browser window to confirm it is working. You will see a live stream from this camera, e.g.

7. Copy this link into your target software of choice (e.g. Sentinel or IMMIX).

If have any issues or questions, please contact us at support@tetherit.io

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