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What does TetherX connect to?
What does TetherX connect to?

List of TetherX integrated devices

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What does TetherX connect to?

TetherX integrates with 3 primary product categories:

  • Video Surveillance - including cameras, recorders, PTZ, 2-way audio, horn speakers and more ranging from legacy devices from the 90s and 00s including most of the latest AI cameras.

  • Alarm Panels - including legacy alarm panels requiring a serial connection or more modern panels with either a local RESTful interface as well as cloud providers.

  • Access Control - including connecting to existing access control systems (such as Paxton Net2) or connecting to access control units directly, for example Hikvision Face Station.

We also integrate with other enabling device categories including but not limited to:

  • Managed Switches & Wireless Bridges - We use SNMP as well as some API integration to track wireless signal strength, to remotely power cycle ports and more.

  • Relays & Sensors - IP relay/sensor boards for applications such as parking automation.

  • Serial Devices - We can open serial connections and consume data from just about any serial device, please contact us for more details.

  • Matrix Displays - Usually for an ANPR application.

  • IoT Devices - We are compatible with IoT devices through our API and our roadmap for 2022 includes integration with IFTTT.
    โ€‹Please note some of the cheaper USB modems may have reliability problems.

  • Network Interfaces - Whether you use a server with multiple network interfaces, or connect a separate USB network interface such as the TP-Link UE300, the TetherBox software supports automatic Internet failover and isolated networks.

  • Other - If there is a commercial application, we may be open to integrating your device into TetherX.

Video Surveillance Compatibility

TetherX is compatible with 150+ manufacturers with over 12,000 different devices. You can find a full list here: - please note that if your device is not listed, there is still a good likelihood we will be able to connect to it.

Access Control Compatibility

Presently only Paxton Net2 (including net2cloud) is compatible. You can find more details here:

We have on our roadmap for Q1 2022 the Hikvision Access Control Units including the Face Station. For our longer term roadmap, we are considering: Salto, Suprema, Avigilon ACM and Mercury/HID. Please get in touch with us on if you have an access control system not listed that you would like us to integrate.

Alarm Panels

We presently connect to:

  • Texecom Elite Series (up to 640 zones, including extenders)

  • Eaton i-ON Series

We have on our roadmap for Q1 2022 AJAX alarm panels (cloud integration), Hikvision AX Pro and others (cloud integration), DSC PowerSeries (serial connection), Honeywell Galaxy (serial connection).

Please get in touch with us on if you have an alarm panel not listed that you would like us to integrate.

Cellular/Mobile Connectivity

  • 3G/4G/5G Routers - we are compatible with all routers, an example of a popular 4G/LTE router is the Teltonika RUT200.

  • USB Modems - we work with most USB 3G/4G/5G modems, as long as they are compatible with Linux. For example a good QMI based modem is the Teltonika TRM250 4G LTE-M USB.

API Integration

You can use our API to push information or pull information to/from the TetherX. Please refer to our API documentation:

For example, you can create your own logic to send an http request for a fire alarm that can be processed by TetherX.

Alarm Centre Integration

TetherX is compatible with most alarm receiving software including IMMIX, Sentinel, HikCentral, CONXTD and others. You can find more details here:

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