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How do I download CCTV footage?
How do I download CCTV footage?

Downloading video surveillance footage from the TetherX

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TetherX provides tools to mass flag and share footage. Before downloading footage, please consider if simply sharing the footage could be a more efficient strategy.

Video footage, unlike other types of data, is very large and can take hours or even days to extract and download. Instead of downloading potentially many gigabytes of data and figuring out where to store and share this footage, we do recommend using the tools provided within TetherX to mass flag/share events and footage.

Flagging Footage

If you are interested in downloading footage, chances are this footage is important. Please make sure you flag all important footage immediately to protect it from automatically being being deleted.

Note The system is constantly deleting the oldest footage to make space for new footage. See TetherBox recording capacity for more details.

Downloading Footage

You can download relevant bits of footage on a minute by minute basis. Each minute is typically 15 to 50MB in size depending on the resolution, amount of motion in the scene and the recording quality set up on the camera.

To download footage, please:

1. Tap on "Events" in the main menu

2. Tap the event of interest

3. Tap on the context menu button (". . .") for the recording(s) of interest

4. Tap on "Download"

Note: If you cannot see the download option, please contact your administrator to enable download permissions on your account.

Bulk Extracting

While we recommend simply sharing events from the platform and allowing the stake holders to view and/or download the relevant footage themselves, there are 2 alternatives for bulk extraction:

  1. Cloning Internal Drive - You can connect an external hard drive of equal or larger size and we can initiate a full copy of the internal stored information to the external drive.

    If you tap on Admin (top right) -> TetherBoxes -> Name of your TetherBox -> Storage tab, it will show you the present drive size in your unit. Will need to connect a drive equivalent or larger for us to copy all footage out.

  2. TetherX Export Service - We also offer a paid service where we will mass extract required footage/time-lapse both from the unit and/or cloud and provide a download link.

    Depending on the connection speed on site and the amount of footage required, this can take hours or sometimes days to extract. Please contact TetherX support for more details.

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