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How do I add a Hikvision AX Pro Alarm Panel to TetherX?
How do I add a Hikvision AX Pro Alarm Panel to TetherX?

How to add a Hik Pro Connect account and Alarm Panels to TetherX

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TetherX is fully compatible with the Hikvision AXPro alarm panel, this following article takes you through the setup process to connect your panel with TetherX.


  • Ensure your AXPro panel is powered on and connected the internet

  • Ensure your TetherBox is powered on, connected to the Internet & activated onsite

  • You have an active Hik-Pro Connect account

Steps (Setting up Hik-Pro Connect)

  1. Open the Hik Pro Connect App on your phone or log into the Hik-Pro Connect website:

  2. Press on "Customer Site" & open your site with the AXPro panel connected:

  3. Go to the ARC Service tab:

  4. Click the "Select ARC" button add "TetherX Ltd" as an ARC provider & enable your AXPro panel bellow to allow them to link there alarm data with TetherX:

Steps (Setting up TetherX)

  1. On the TetherX platform, go to the Alarms page:

  2. Click the "New Alarm" button:

  3. Select the Hikvision AX PRO:

  4. Enter the login details for your Hik-Pro Connect account & press "Create":

  5. Press the "Fetch" button to show your alarms:

  6. Using the dropdown menu select the TetherBox location of your activated TetherBox you want to link the alarm to and click the "Add" button:

  7. Your alarm is now added to the current timeline and ready to be used by your customer. You can control the panel by pressing the "Show Alarm" button.

8. Please use the assigned Transmitter ID to fill in on the AX PRO alarm receiving

center settings.

Steps (Setting up your Panel)

This step is required if you wish to receive real-time alarms from your AX Pro alarm panel. Without this step, you will only be able to arm/disarm and see the basic status of your panel.

  1. Create a tunnel to your Hikvision AX Pro Alarm panel:

    Alternatively, if you are on the same network as the alarm panel and you know the IP address, you can simply enter the IP address into your web browser.

  2. Once connected to your panel please login using your Hik-Pro Connect credentials:

  3. Navigate to "Communication" and "Alarm Receiving Centre"

    1. Toggle Enable to On

    2. Select Protocol type: "ADM-CID"

    3. Select "Domain Name" under Address Type

    4. Fill in "" for the Domain Name

    5. Fill in Port "2068"

    6. Select Transmission Mode: "TCP"

    7. Impulse Counting Time: "5"

    8. Attempts: "3"

    9. Enter the "TransmitterID" provided by TetherX

If you have any further questions or issues please contact our support team below.

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