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2022 Q1 - Release Notes
2022 Q1 - Release Notes
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User Management

  • New User Delete dialog makes it easier to chose whether to delete a user from a single timeline, or from all timelines.

  • If an engineer works for just 1 company, the company selection is hidden.

  • Users that no longer have any permissions to even a single site or device (e.g. if there was factory reset) are automatically deleted.

Events Page

  • Mass event handling has been improved:
    ctrl+click now opens events in a new window/tab.
    If multiple events are already selected, ctrl+click allows selecting additional events.

Network Management

  • Devices (including cameras) now show as online/offline much quicker. Previously, it would take an average of 46 seconds to show a camera went offline, this is now down to 12 seconds or less.

  • The “Full Network Scan” button forces a network scan, even if “Automatic Network Scanning” is disabled for the TetherBox.

  • If we were not able to find the device on the network, TetherX now shows the last known IP with a tooltip explaining we cannot verify this device.

  • TetherX now distinguishes between a timeout from a device vs a device being offline (the device may be online, but timing out an API call).

  • An issue with cameras sometimes showing offline when “Automatic Network Scanning” is disabled has been fixed.

  • Edge cases when a camera changes IP and then changes the IP back on some older firmware versions are now handled.

Video Survaillance

  • Improved ONVIF compatibility with older devices

  • Analytics / Recording and Snapshot errors now show even in “Monitor Only” mode.

  • A more effective retrying logic for faulty or misconfigured cameras has been implemented. For example, if a camera reports wrong password, avoid retrying for 15 minutes to avoid being locked out by the camera or recorder.

  • Trying to reconnect to a camera if it is toggled off and back on is now automatically forced.

  • PTZ controls are now continuous (i.e. if you press and hold the button, the camera will turn until you let go).

  • Usability of PTZ controls on mobile phones has been improved.

  • TetherX now detects if a camera video stream has gaps and displays this on the camera page as well as in the integrator report. (This issue could be an indication of an overloaded network or a fault.)

  • The camera health status is now displayed much quicker when switching on your TetherBox.

  • A new Cloud option for 14 days has been added.

  • An issue with the camera mask not working on some cameras has been fixed.

  • TetherX now detects if a camera encoder changes more reliably (e.g. H.265 to H.264)

Alarm Panels

  • A new Virtual Alarm allows sending SIA (DC09) alarms directly to TetherX - any alarm panel with an IP communicator can be set up to send alarms to TetherX

  • TetherX now integrates with HikProConnect - add your HikProConnect account to see all your AX Pro Hikvision Alarms inside of TetherX.

  • AX Pro: now auto generates a TransmitterID

  • AX Pro: now retrieves the SIA event history from AX Pro alarm panels

  • Texecom: An issue where the “Events” tab was not showing recent events from the panel has been fixed

  • Texecom: Improved email styling for Texecom alarm emails

  • Improved the reliability of arming / disarming certain alarm panels, prevent arming / disarming simultaneously

  • Added “AlarmSync” internally which will ensure the alarm panel configurations on your TetherBox are always in sync with what’s in TetherX

  • All Video Surveillance events that happen while an alarm is going off are all now automatically marked in Red and can be found by filtering by Confirmed Alarm.

  • Disarming a location now disarms everything: camera analytics, alarm events, access control events, etc to quickly stop alerts from being sent from a specific site/location.

Health & Notifications

  • Analytics and Health notifications are now separate, you can have either or both.

  • TetherX now shows all offline TetherBoxes, even if they are set up to not notify when offline.


  • Faulty external drives are now handled better, an automatic reboot will be attempted if a drive becomes unresponsive for several minutes.

  • A secure random password is now automatically set on all units in case an emergency login is required.

  • There are significant performance optimisations to reduce load on units.

  • Startup times on networks with many hundreds or thousands of network devices are significantly improved.

  • Changes have been made to handle the rare edge case when a TetherBox would go online, but not record some cameras after a power cut.

  • All TetherBox settings (for example maximum days record limit) are now applied immediately, without requiring a TetherBox reboot.

  • TetherBox specific settings (such as not notifying if a unit goes offline) are now reset during a factory reset.

  • The TetherBox (2 channel) no longer requires an external drive, unless you are using it to record cameras.

  • The web server on the TetherBox now changes in order to pass the strictest security audits required by large global enterprises.


  • Improved Dark Mode styling: tooltips/callouts, column selection for tables, full screen tables and more.

  • New Language Translation: Ukranian


  • Support added for the Teltonika TRM250 4G LTE-M USB modem - QMI based 4G/5G modem.

  • Support added for Lilin camera analytics.

  • Improved compatibility with TVT cameras.


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