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How camera live view works with TetherX and its features

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Live view

  1. To view your cameras in real-time, tap on "Live" from your timeline.

Live View Filters

  1. Timeline filters can be used separate out multiple different sites, these are setup from activation.

  2. Location filters can be used If you have one timeline for multiple different sites and you want to separate these out by location, these are also set from unit activation.

Live View Presets

  1. Screen Layout - This changes the viewing style for how you would like the individual cameras to be shown.

  2. Camera Layout - This dropdown changes which camera is is which window so you can have customise your layout.

  3. Once you have your desired layout Type in a name for this preset and tap the "+" button.

  4. Repeat this process multiple times for all of the different viewing styles you would like and set a delay time before TetherX switches between your presets under "Auto Preset Cycle"

Live View Features

Local Streaming

If the device you are using to access TetherX is on the same network as your TetherBox, you will see a "Highdef Stream" toggle button.

This means that you can use the primary (High Quality) stream of your cameras to broadcast the live image straight from your TetherBox to your or device.

  1. When you go into your live view page the dot in the top right hand corner or your screen indicates to you whether your device is on the same network as your TetherBox.
    ​Please note. Hover over the dot for more information.


  2. When TetherX has found your TetherBox local to your device this enables Highdef Streaming which passes the live footage straight from your cameras to your PC without going over the internet.
    This decreases lag and improves quality.
    ​Please note. You may want to try switching this off if your device or network are not able to sustain the higher quality.

Streaming over Internet

If you are not in the same network with your TetherBox, then the system may switch to the Secondary stream. This happens when:

  1. In layout mode, when viewing multiple cameras (from 1 or multiple locations)

  2. in full screen mode if your Internet on site or on the device is not able to sustain the full resolution.

If you require higher quality live view than what is available by default, you may want to adjust the resolution of the secondary stream on your camera or alternatively use the primary stream as your "Analytics Path" in the camera config.

In the following screenshot, you can see a high resolution stream over Internet where the Internet is able to sustain it:

Note the small HD icon in the bottom left corner. This button allows you to toggle between the primary stream and a stream the TetherBox generates when your connection is not able to keep up.

Adjusting Live View Quality

Most cameras have two RTSP streams.

  • Main (Primary) stream - this stream usually has the highest resolution and frame rate. TetherX use this stream to record events as well as to show live view in full screen or when local streaming.

  • Sub (Secondary) stream - this stream is usually a lower resolution stream. It is used by TetherX for analytics.

We can configure cameras within TetherX to take either the Primary & Secondary Stream (Recommended) or to take only the primary stream this mean you will get much higher quality live views however this will take up a considerable amount more processing on the unit and can lead to overloading your TetherBox.

How to configure TetherX to only work off the primary stream (Hikvision example)

  1. Log into TetherX an find the camera you would like to configure.

  2. Press on the Camera name and then press "Edit" at the bottom of the page.

  3. Go to the "Advanced" tab.

  4. Scroll to the bottom and edit "Analytics Path" to be the exact same as the "Recording Path".

    For Hikvision cameras please set them both to "/Streaming/Channels/101"

  5. Press "Update Camera" to save your changes.

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