This article covers the moderation options available to group leaders on The Mighty. For guidance on the initial creation and setup of a new group, see the Creating a Mighty group article. For guidance on the additional configuration options available to group leaders, see the Optimizing a Mighty group article.

Utilize Moderation by The Mighty

The Mighty Moderation Team can help with your group, but your group must have the default guidelines and keywords used on The Mighty.

To customize the Group Guidelines or Keywords, then "Utilize Moderation by The Mighty" will need to be disabled.

In the mobile app, once this option is disabled, then the Group Guidelines and Keyword Management options will appear.

Establishing Guidelines

A new group comes with some basic guidelines already set up for members. In many cases, these will be sufficient and you may not need to establish others. When you (as the leader) make moderation decisions, you will be able to reference a particular guideline that a post violated. The member who made that post will see that indicated when they view the moderated post (which will only be visible to them).

You may wish to establish additional guidelines that are specific to the group. If members are likely to have specific sensitivities (perhaps due to their condition, identity, or other experiences), custom guidelines will help the group be more mindful of those sensitivities.

Be wary of setting up too many guidelines. Don't worry about addressing every possible scenario. The best guidelines are high-level, versatile ones that can be applied to multiple scenarios.

Any custom guidelines must remain within The Mighty's Community Policy and Membership Terms & Conditions. For example, someone must be at least 16 years old to create an account on The Mighty, so a custom guideline could not state that 14-year-olds are allowed in a group.

Establishing Keywords

Keywords will be detected automatically if a member includes the words in a post. There are two keywords lists: the blacklist and the risky list. Items on the lists can be individual words or short phrases.

Posts containing blacklisted words will not be published. The member will see a message that their post contained content that could not be posted.

Posts containing risky words will automatically be flagged for moderation. The member will not know that this has happened.

Keyword Management in mobile:

Keyword Management in a browser:

Reviewing Flagged Posts and Replies

Posts or replies may be flagged for moderation ("reported") by other group members. Posts and replies may also be automatically flagged if they contain risky keywords.

Flagged posts and replies will appear in the Moderation area of the group, found in the "About" section on the "People" tab. The reason the post or reply was flagged will be displayed below each item. For any flagged post or reply, there will be four options shown:

  • Approve. Choose this if there is no problem with the post or reply.

  • Deny. Choose this option if the content is not appropriate for your group, or for The Mighty in general.

  • Flag Member. Whether you deny or approve the post, you can choose this option to alert Mighty Staff about the member. You will have the opportunity to provide information along with the report. The Mighty Moderation Team will review the member's activity and act accordingly.

  • Ban Member from Group. Choosing this option will remove the member from the group, and they will not be able to rejoin. Choose this option if you feel the member no longer belongs in the group based on recent reports. The ban only extends to the specific group and will not affect the member's other activity on The Mighty.

More Options and Tools

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