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Who can make a poll

Polls can be made by members who have certain roles on the site. Mighty members who do not have those roles cannot make a poll at this time. See the table below of the member role type and if they can make a poll, and where they can make a poll.

Group leaders can make a poll in groups where they are the leader, but not anywhere else. Other member roles can make polls anywhere that they could normally make a post: both in groups where they are a member, and outside of any group.

Member role

Make a poll in a group?

Make a poll outside a group?

Mighty Staff

✔ Yes

✔ Yes

Community Leader

✔ Yes

✔ Yes

Mighty Leader

✔ Yes

✔ Yes

Super Contributor

✔ Yes

✔ Yes

Group Leader

✔ Only in groups where they are the leader


All other members



How to make a poll

Step-by-step instructions to making a poll

  • Start the way you would normally make a post.

    • If this poll is for a group, go to the group page and select "Create New Thought".

    • Outside of a group, click the post icon -- it's at the top of the page in a web browser, or at the bottom of the mobile app.

    • For more on posting, see: Making a post on The Mighty

  • Switch to the "Poll" tab at the top.

    Example of making a poll (not in a group):

    Example of making a poll from a group page:

  • Fill in the fields. See the section below for more information and tips.

  • Click "Create Poll" to post your poll.

    • The "Create Poll" button will only be active if you have filled in all the required fields.

    • It may take a minute for your poll to post.

Poll fields


More information


The poll question you would like to ask.


This text appears beneath the question. Add some additional information about the poll for context or clarity.


Add relevant hashtags to help your poll get seen by interested members who follow those hashtag topics.

  • Tip 1: Use #Polls

  • Tip 2: Is your poll for fun and games? Use #DistractMe

  • Tip 3: Use existing hashtags found through the hashtag search, rather than creating new similar hashtags.

Answer Type

Do you want voters to select just one answer, or multiple answers?

Add answers

Your poll must have at least 2 answer options. To add additional answer options to your poll, click the plus sign + beneath the current available answer options.

To remove an answer option, select the subtraction sign next to it.

To reorder the options, click-and-drag the three lines by the answer option you want to move.


How long would you like your poll to remain open for new votes? Select from the options.

Once the duration is over, the poll will no longer accept new votes, and the final results will be visible.

Voting and results

Who can see and vote in a poll

Poll location

Who can vote in the poll

Who can see the poll

Public group

Group members

Anyone, logged in or not

Private group

Group members

Group members

Main feed (not in a group)

Any logged-in member

Anyone, logged in or not

How to vote in a poll

  • Select your answer, or multiple answers if allowed.

    • If the poll allows for multiple options, this will be noted above the answer options with "Select all that apply". In this case, you can select one or more options.

  • Click "Vote" at the bottom.

    • Note that you can only vote one time.

    • The person who posted the poll may also vote once in their own poll.

  • Your vote is instantly displayed in the results.

Voter privacy

When you vote in a poll, your participation is not shown to others. Neither the poll creator nor other participants can see who has voted or how they voted.

Viewing poll results

While the poll is open, the poll results will be visible to anyone who has already voted. The poll results will continue to change when you reload the poll as more votes come in. The current total vote count and the amount of time remaining in the poll are displayed with the results.

After the poll has ended, the final results are viewable to anyone who can see the poll; see the table above for who can view a poll.

If you vote in a poll, you may receive a push notification alerting you to the final results.

Finding polls

Polls will be surfaced on your feed the same way as other posts. On your home feed, there is now a new filter for Polls. Select polls on your home feed in a browser:

Select polls on your home feed in the mobile app:

Many polls will also have the #Polls hashtag, which can be viewed at themighty.com/topic/polls.

How to report a poll

If you see an inappropriate poll, or someone who appears to be in crisis, please report the post immediately. It will then be reviewed by our Mighty Moderation team.

Polls with inappropriate content can be reported the same way as any post:

  • Click the three vertical dots at the top-right of the post. This will open a menu.

  • Select the "Report" option.

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