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Block insights (Competitor), December 31st 2018 - February 17th 2019 (WK01-07/2019)
Block insights (Competitor), December 31st 2018 - February 17th 2019 (WK01-07/2019)

Get ready for the Open on Competitor Plan

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This training block runs for 7-weeks in the lead-up to the Open. You will have 5 training sessions/week. Our main focus is, of course, on getting you Open ready. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three (3) different optional sessions to add into your week (from WK2):

Conditioning (Engine stream)
Strongman (Strength stream)
Gymnastics (All streams)

There is a weekly active recovery session on Sundays to complement your training (so you don't need to build it up yourself via our active recovery page).

Here are the typical week schedules for each stream (there will be some variation from week to week on these as move through the training block):

WL = Weightlifting
STR = Strength work
SPP(C) = Open specific workouts
SPP(S) = Skill work/practice
COND(SPP) = Sports specific conditioning intervals
= Monostructural (run, row etc.) conditioning intervals

Most of the movements we’ve chosen for each session are either common (e.g. thrusters, overhead squats, chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle-ups) or potential (e.g. handstand walks, pistols) Open movements. Both the strength and conditioning progressions are built to prepare you for the Open. We want to give you an opportunity for as much specific practice as possible in this training block.

Each of the streams (Engine, SPP, Strength) will approach the Open preparation from a slightly different perspective. 

Choosing which stream to follow

Remember that each stream has all the components to be a complete program. You will get a chance to practice all the skills you need for the Open regardless of which stream you choose.

Choose Engine - If you need to keep working most on your conditioning to be ready for the Open. 

Choose Strength - If you need to keep working most on your weightlifting and strength to be ready for the Open. 

Choose SPP - If you already have a strong base and want to get in as much practice as possible on the Open style movements and events.

What if I’m not doing the Open this year?
Choose either engine or strength stream. While we’ve chosen the movements and progressions specifically for the Open, they will still help you build your base strength and conditioning in preparation for the rest of the upcoming season.

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