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Block Insights (Foundation) - September 20th - November 14th
Block Insights (Foundation) - September 20th - November 14th

What to expect on the Foundation plan in this training block.

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This training block is the first of our three blocks leading up all the way to the 2021 CrossFit Games Open (starting on 24th Feb 2021). As a slight change from our usual 12-week format, this one will be 8-weeks long (split into smaller 4-week cycles as usual) and the next two blocks will be 7-weeks each:

8-weeks: Open base block
7-weeks: Open build block
7-weeks: Open “training camp”

Even if you’re not planning on competing in the Open, these three training blocks give you a logical progression to help level up your performance for the upcoming season.

As always, you can choose your focus for each block (or even week) by choosing the optional session based on your needs:


If you’re looking to improve your work capacity/recovery ability and build a bigger engine before the Open (improve your monostructural and sport-specific conditioning) then these are the best choice for you.

You can choose each week between run/row intervals, longer aerobic work base work, interval sessions and competition workouts. For best results, we recommend you follow one session type for a full 4-weeks or alternate between two different ones if you enjoy more variance in your training.


If you’re looking to get significantly stronger before the Open (improve your squats, deadlift, upper body strength and weightlifting numbers) then this is the best choice for you. As usual, we offer both an additional weightlifting session and a strength session.

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