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How does the Superdrug venous blood draw work?
How does the Superdrug venous blood draw work?

Here's all the information you need to know to book a Superdrug venous appointment.

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How do I book an appointment for my venous blood sample?

  1. Select the venous draw option when ordering your Thriva test.

  2. Once on the booking site, select which Superdrug location you’d like to go to — check if one near you offers this service.

4. Select the "Venous sample collection (only available Mon 9am-Fri 4pm)" option.

  • Under this option, select "Pay in-store venous sample collection".

  • You’ll pay £40 to Superdrug at your appointment.

5. Select an appointment slot that works for you.

  • If you have a package that includes cholesterol, apolipoproteins, ferritin, or advanced iron — we recommend a morning appointment because you need to fast before your appointment.

  • If you have a package that includes testosterone you need to book an appointment before 11am.

  • Leave enough time for your Thriva kit to arrive to your address before your appointment — we aim to deliver kits in two to three working days, but this can be longer due to Royal Mail delays.

6. Create an account with Superdrug.

7. Superdrug will send you an SMS and email reminder a few days before your appointment.

If you don't receive this email, please double-check your junk inbox.

Before your Superdrug appointment

Is there anything I need to do to get a good blood sample?

Yes, there are a range of things you can do to help improve the sample collection process and ensure reliable results.

  • Drink lots of water — at least two big glasses thirty minutes before your test, as well as drinking enough the day before.

  • Fast for eight hours before your sample is collected.

What shall I take with me to the appointment?

  • Your Thriva venous test kit — this should arrive at your address within two to three working days once ordered, but can be longer due to Royal Mail delays.

  • Photo ID — Superdrug need to verify it’s you before collecting your sample.

  • The email from us which tells the nurse which tubes in your kit to fill and return to the lab.

If your venous kit hasn't arrived within 10 working days, please email us at

When should I arrive at Superdrug?

Arrive five to ten minutes before your appointment to give the nurse time to register you.

What should I expect on the day?

When you enter your chosen Superdrug store, head for the pharmacy counter if the health clinic area isn’t clearly signposted. They'll then be able to point you to the right part of the store.

Meet the nurse collecting your sample

  • You’ll be introduced to the nurse collecting your sample — let them know if you have questions or feel a little nervous.

  • They might ask you some questions about your general health and wellbeing — as well as specific conditions that might make taking a blood test more risky.

  • They’ll also ask you to fill out a form to acknowledge those risks.

  • Show the nurse the email from us which tells them which tubes in your kit to fill and return to the lab.

Sample collection

The nurse will:

  • take the Thriva kit and get it ready to collect your sample

  • use what’s provided in the kit to take blood from your vein

  • write your name and date of birth on the tubes and package up your sample and kit

  • check everything is correct before sealing the envelope with the lab address on it.

Why do I have to pay £40 for a venous draw at Superdrug?

This covers the cost of having a trained professional to take your blood.

The venous draw option is provided by Superdrug so you’ll need to pay them directly for this service. This usually happens at the end of the appointment.

What if I need to change my Superdrug appointment?

You should call Superdrug’s appointment booking helpline. It’s free to cancel and change your appointment to another time. Do this at least 24 hours before your appointment.

After your Superdrug appointment

What do I do with my sample?

Post your sample

You’ll be given the sample in the sealed envelope and asked to post it in the nearest priority postbox. Make sure to do this on the day your sample is collected before the last collection.

Post it in the nearest priority postbox after your appointment. Your nurse should be able to direct you to it or you can find your nearest priority postbox yourself.

When will I get my results?

It typically only takes two days to receive your results from the time the sample arrives at the lab.

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