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What's a venous blood draw?
What's a venous blood draw?

What a venous draw is and when you might want one

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What's a venous draw?

A venous draw is when a health professional takes a blood sample from a vein in your arm using a clinical needle.

This is the method your GP or a health professional at a hospital / clinic would use.

We now offer venous draws via Superdrug nurses. Find out about how to book one in your local Superdrug here.

Do I choose a venous kit or a finger-prick kit?

Some people prefer having someone else to take their blood sample via venous draw. Others prefer to do it themselves at home with a finger-prick test. You can decide which method you’d prefer.

Some conditions, like arthritis, can make it trickier to collect a finger-prick blood sample. So a venous test will be a better option in this case.

A venous kit can only be used by health professionals in a clinical setting. It contains everything you need for a trained professional to take your blood.

Finger-prick kits can’t be used by a health professional to take your sample in a clinical setting.

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